You can safely launch multiple instances of the software and they will not interfere with each other. You can log in with the same account or a different account for each instance.

As clearly stated at the top of the purchase page, we have a zero refund policy and we urge customers to use the trial before buying to ensure it works as expected.

If you need an extended trial to evaluate the software, please let us know and we will gladly oblige.

If you run into any problems while using the trial, please contact us for assistance. 99% of problems you will experience with the software will be due to changes on Pinterest’s end that we can quickly fix with a small update.

You can perform a clean install by following these instructions

STEP 1: Uninstall the software as usual via Control Panel or the Start Menu

STEP 2: When asked if you want to delete all saved data it is crucial to click YES.

STEP 3: After uninstalling, reinstall the software.

The latest versions of all our software can always be found at the links below:

Ninja Pinner



If you followed the steps correctly then you have a brand new installation of the software, the same as if you just installed it for the first time.

Instagram blocks searches for certain tags that are regularly used to share inappropriate content. Sometimes these tags seem completely unrelated, for example the tag “fashion” gets blocked from time to time, but it is always temporary.

The best way to confirm if a tag has been blocked is to view its instagram page, for example:

Scroll all the way to the bottom and you should see a message stating the posts have been blocked.

99% of all questions are answered in the FAQ, please check thoroughly for a quick answer before contacting customer support.

If you are experiencing a technical issue, please ensure you have the latest version installed first. The latest versions of all our software can always be found at the links below:

Ninja Pinner



If you still experience problems with the latest version, and this FAQ does not help you, you can contact us at

To avoid abuse of the system, Instagram imposes certain limits on third-party services and apps, in particular the amount of likes, follows, unfollows and comments that you can do in a short period of time.

Usually the block lifts after an hour at most, but the more you are blocked the longer it can take. If you have been blocked many times then your account will be flagged and it could be a few days until you are able to continue as normal.

In most cases, this can be resolved by logging into the official Instagram app on your mobile device, changing your password and entering a verified email address and phone number in your Instagram account details.

Another possibility is that you have reached the maximum number of follows allowed by Instagram, which appears to be +-6000 in a 30 day period at this stage, but can change at any time.

If you have tried everything and you are still blocked, then please remember you are being blocked by Instagram itself and it is completely out of our hands. Your only option is to wait it out. Giving your account a complete break for a few days may speed things up and result in the block being lifted sooner.

As with all similar software, you need to stay under the radar to avoid being flagged for spamming. Try keeping your total follows, likes, etc. under a few hundred per day. Using a decent time delay setting is also crucial. You may be able to get away with less, but at least 1 minute is recommended to be safe.

If you follow, unfollow, like or comment a thousand times a day over an extended period then your account will eventually be flagged and possibly suspended. There are many factors that determine how soon you get flagged, such as the age of your account, recent activity, previous flaggings as well as Instagram’s own secret algorithms. Try and keep your total actions per day under a few hundred and you will be fine.

If you perform certain actions faster than is possible for a human being then you will also get flagged. Therefore it is important to use a decent interval between each action to spread them out over a period of time. You can set this under Options -> Settings -> Time Delay. A setting of at least 1 minute is recommended. More will always be safer.

First please ensure you have the latest version installed. The latest versions of all our software can always be found at the links below:

Ninja Pinner



If that does not resolve the problem, please go to Help -> “Report error” immediately after the problem occurs. The error report contains a screenshot as well as all the information from the current session which will help us diagnose the problem. Remember to include a description of what is going wrong and your email address so that we can respond if necessary.

If you are experiencing a problem while installing or launching the program, please contact customer support.

Please send an email to, specifying the old account and the new account that you want to change it to.

We allow you to switch to a different account up to 3 times (for example, if you lose an account). If you intend switching regularly, we suggest upgrading to a multi-account license.

Your license key was automatically emailed to your PayPal email address. Please wait at least 30 minutes for it to arrive and remember to check your junk folder.

You can also retrieve your license key directly through the software. On the trial screen, enter the email address linked to your purchase, and a code will be sent to you.

If you cannot retrieve your key, please send an email to with your email address and as much information as possible so that we can track down your license key.