Important purchase information You have made a wise decision by choosing to invest in our powerful software! Here are four important things you need to know in advance. We offer a seven day FREE trial of all our software (available for download on the product page). This is because we want you to try the… Continue Reading »

Pinterest Beats Yahoo, Making it the 4th Largest Traffic Driver Globally!

This is nuts! The numbers keep rising and rising. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest now drives more website traffic than Yahoo! That makes it the 4th BIGGEST traffic source on the planet!! Read the full article at this link After you’re done, you have an important choice to make. 1) You can do nothing. 2) You…

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Free Pinterest Bot WARNING

We’ve received quite a few emails in the last couple weeks from customers saying they tried a free Pinterest bot before using NinjaPinner. We know that it can be tempting to go this route first but most beginner marketers end up getting royally screwed. Why? It’s simple. There’s a reason why these programs are free…

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