NinjaGram (Instagram bot)

What makes NinjaGram so special? Auto-follow Mass follow targeted Instagram users, from any location in Instagram (search results, your feed, another user's followers, or pictures taken at a particular location (NEW)!) Auto-unfollow Mass unfollow users with various settings, such as only those who don’t follow you back or only users followed more than X days ago. Auto-like Mass… Continue Reading »

Instagram Marketing Tips for Beginners

Instagram is designed to be used with the iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and Android. This social media platform allows you to share your photos with the community and gain new followers. Instagram marketing can be effective, but it takes some planning, care, and commitment. In this article, we’ll consider four actions that you can engage…

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The Best Way to Get Followers on Instagram

If you have not used Instagram to get more followers, you need to do so. Instagram is an easy way to share photos across social networks. Designed to be used with the iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and Android, you can share your photos with the online photo-sharing community and gain new followers. Quality Counts Interesting…

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How to Get 3x More Followers and Traffic from Instagram

For the average business, Instagram, which is an app for iPod, iTouch, iPhone and Android, is a useful tool that can help connect their products and services with customers or clients. Instagram users can share photos with others via the Instagram site and with those on social networks. When used properly, Instagram can be an…

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How to INSTANTLY Get More Instagram Followers!

With Instagram being the MOST popular “mobile” photo-sharing website in the world, many marketers are trying to figure out how to capitalize on the traffic and exposure it brings. This article will help you greatly in this regard. So, how do you get more Instagram followers quickly? 1. Let your existing fans on other social…

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New Instagram Traffic Bot… WOW!!‏

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are to launch this new INSTAGRAM marketing software! We kept it a secret last last few weeks, only allowing a handful of beta-testers access. Now, it’s your turn! Grab your free 2 hour demo at this link so you can start getting MASSIVE amounts of…

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