Pinterest, which is one of the newer social media sites, is focused on the sharing of images amongst members. Images are “pinned” to online bulletin boards that users create. These boards are themed in some manner. When you post a new image on your board, it appears on the main Pinterest board and also on your own site.

That means for a limited amount of time that those who are members will have a chance to see your image. Also, anyone who is following you will also be able to view the new photo.

Define Your Pinterest Account

You’ll define your account when you set up your profile. You’ll be asked to submit a photo, name, and fill out a profile. This is the first step in the development of your Pinterest account into a marketing machine. Create a tasteful, memorable, and focused profile. Remember that this will define you to all other members.

Use Basic and Unique Themes

When creating your boards be sure to use some of the general categories offered on the site, as this will give you maximum exposure to members. It is also a good idea to create various sub-themed boards that you categorize yourself. Use short, descriptive names for your boards, as these will be easy for others to identify and remember.

Great Pins with SEO Copy

The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you post pins that will capture someone’s eye instantly, peak their curiosity and engage their imagination. You’re better off pinning one or two memorable images each day rather than 10 that no one will notice. In using pins for marketing, these images should link back to your website. Which means you’ll be taking them from the pages on your site.

Pins may come from online catalog listings, blogs, webpages, etc. Include appropriate SEO copy with your pin. If someone stops long enough to look at what you’ve pinned, you can keep them focused on it a little longer with some well-written text.

That text, in combination with the image, may get you a new follower, which means at that moment you’ve used Pinterest successfully in marketing your goods or services. Making the copy SEO friendly may aid you in getting found in an online search.

Follow and Comment

Follow those on Pinterest who have similar interests. When you start following them offer some positive comments on their pins. Make sure that you check out who they are following and who is following them, as you can also tap into those members.

Repin the pins of others; this will get that member’s attention, and it should also garner some appreciation. What you want to do is engage the new person you are following in a manner that will lead to them following you and commenting on you pins and/or repining your images.

A Little Bit Everyday

If you can spend about 30 minutes a day on the image sharing network, pinning, commenting, and following, you’re going to start to see results, as your followers grow and more interest is created in your account. Be sure to get the most out of your time on Pinterest by coordinating your pins with Twitter and Facebook.

That way, you’re giving yourself maximum exposure. Use these marketing basic, and you’ll get some fine benefits from your account.

Incorporate Pinterest Marketing Software to Automate

One of the smartest things to do is to automate many of the repetitive tasks on Pinterest such as liking, commenting, and pinning. This is where our NinjaPinner marketing  bot comes into play. It allows you to exponentially multiply your reach and profit.

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