Pinterest is spreading like wild-fire right now! Some call it Facebook WITHOUT the whining. If you’re not familiar, Pinterest is a “virtual pin-board” website that is driving more website traffic than LinkedIn, Google+, Reddit, and YouTube… COMBINED!

Yes, you did read that right.

Mind blowing traffic numbers are occurring on this new, hot social platform. But, are you taking advantage and maximizing Pinterest for your business yet? 99% are not.

If you’re not using a Pinterest adder bot, then you’re not even close to tapping into the network’s full power.

First, why use a Pinterest robot?

The answer is simple. It provides the ultimate leverage and can work while you sleep 24 / 7. Automation is key, especially if you’re looking to make money or increase sales from Pinterest. There are certain things you must do regularly.

You must follow new people daily, re-pin others images, pin your own original images, “like” other pins, comment on different pins, etc.

Face it, there’s only so much time in a day.

Not to mention doing the other SEO / social media marketing you’re already accustomed to. What if you could automate this daunting process of interaction on Pinterest, though?

The good news is NOW you can!

The Pinterest marketing software, NinjaPinner, handles the time consuming work for you. This bot couldn’t come at a better time either as the social platform is approaching 14 million users.

The benefits of using a Pinterest bot like this include the ability to save time. As we know, time is money and you shouldn’t be doing those tasks that are merely repetitive.

Another profound benefit of the software is the incredible amounts of traffic it can send your way. There are tons of examples where users either pin or re-pin an image, then the traffic just pours in immediately, garnering several hundred re-pins within a few short hours.

What do re-pins mean for you?

Simple… they mean windfalls of visitors to your website. Remember, each image you pin is attached to a site. The cooler your pins are, the more chance there is to go viral.

You can also gather ID’s, mass auto comment, mass “like”, and mass auto follow with the NinjaPinner script. It literally automates the entire process so you can get traffic and a big spike in sales.

The more people you follow, the more that will follow you. Then, as you post new content, it automatically gets distributed to your followers and shows up in their news feed.

Start using Pinterest today to increase traffic and sales so you can be ahead of competitors!


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