Tumblr is a dramatic social media site that allows users, including businesses and entrepreneurs, to utilize vivid images, engaging video, content rich blogs and much more. Getting a Tumblr account takes less than a minute and once you verify your email you’ll be able to create fantastic content that will captivate your followers. Of course, you’ll need to get followers in order to captivate them.

Here are 6 things that you can do attract followers quickly.

Be Active on Tumblr

In using Tumblr to build followers for your business, it’s important to be an active member. Make sure you tour through the site often. See what others are doing, what attracts and holds your attention and what is interesting. There are three things that you can do to connect with others on the site.

You can repost their content on your site. Not only will that be appreciated by the person whose blog you reposted, it will attract people to your Tumblr blog. You may also choose to like a post and to follow another user. All of these will actions will connect you with other users. Try to connect with people of similar interests and who may be a good match with you or your business.

Act Responsibly and Respectfully

When you interact with others, create posts and comment it is important to always act in a responsible and respectful manner. If you’re a business person, one of the things you don’t want to do is turn people away with off-color remarks, comments that are in bad taste or offensive images.

Don’t purposefully offend others and if someone posts something that angers or offends you carefully consider any response you may make. Be professional at all times. Be sure to respond to anyone who likes your posts or leaves a helpful comment. Work towards creating a community.

Create Quality Posts

A well written post that’s formatted nicely will get people’s attention and keep it. Create posts on Tumblr that you’ll be proud of and that are entertaining. If you’re a business person, focus on a topic connected to what you do, that people will want to know more about.

As an example, if you sell coffee, then posts on types of coffee, coffee makers, coffee history and more will attract coffee lovers.

Make Sure Your Posts Look Great

Tumblr allows you to use photographs, artwork and video and you should do so. A fantastic image will capture the attention of others and draw them to your piece. Choose appropriate images.

Don’t use provocative, sexual or violent photos or video.

Promote Your Posts and Site

If you’re a business person, then chances are along with your Tumblr blog you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, a LinkedIn account and/or Pinterest boards. Use these other social media sites to promote your Tumblr account and let people know that you have great content to share with them.

Finally, use a promo blog to get attention. You’ll find a slew of them by typing “promo blog” into a search engine. These blogs are read by people who are looking for new blogs to follow.

Use the TumbleNinja Software Strategically

This helps to automate many “grunt work” processes on the social network. With a Tumblr bot like TumbleNinja, you can:

– Auto-follow blogs
– Auto-unfollow blogs
– Auto-message blog owners
– Auto-like blog posts
– Auto-reblog
– Auto-blog
– Schedule reblogs or blog posts in advance
– Monitor keywords to automatically like or reblog new posts
– The ability to carefully target who you want to reach

Grab a 2 hour free demo of TumbleNinja at this link.

Make the Most Out of Tumblr

After setting up your Tumblr account, it’s important to use it as much as possible. This is one of the best ways to get followers quickly. Fresh content is a major part of attracting more followers. Use the six steps outlined above to get more Tumblr followers quickly.

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