Tumblr is a flexible micro-blogging platform that you can use to increase your online recognition, gain followers, and expand your popularity. One of the best things about Tumblr is its focus on media. Tumblr users can post photos and video and also utilize text, insert links, and more.

It’s a versatile social media tool that can greatly increase your exposure across the Internet. Here are five things that you can do to get more followers and become a must-see Tumblrer.

What’s in a Name and Image?

With Tumblr there’s a lot in a name and a profile image. Both need to be unique, attractive, and memorable. The image you use to identify yourself should be eye-catching and appropriate to the focus of your Tumblr account. If someone likes your profile image, they may next check out your name by placing their cursor over the picture.

If they like both, they may elect to follow you. The image and name need to make a positive first impression. Choose them carefully.

Use Social Media and Your Website

Promote your Tumblr profile through other social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. This will help create links with a range of people. Also, if you have a website, link it to your Tumblr and encourage people to visit and bookmark it.

Take a moment to sync your Tumblr account with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This will allow you to post instantly without the hassle of having to visit and manually post on these popular social media sites.

Follow, Follow, Follow

Follow others on Tumblr; especially those who have related interests. Try to connect with popular accounts as a lot of people follow them and their followers may decide to follow you if they find your picture and name interesting or attractive.

Use “follow for follow” and “promo for promo” on Tumblr. To use these tools, simply put these phrases into the site’s search bar and you’ll find Tubmlrers who will follow or promote you if you do the same for them.

Fresh Content

People will want to keep coming back to your Tumblr page if you keep posting interesting content. That means alluring images and exciting video, rich text, and useful and engaging links. Quality posts are essential if you want to gain followers and become popular.

Your goal is to attract positive attention that will result in your Tumblr blog being reblogged by another person and then seen by others and being reposted again and again.


Tumblrtrain is extremely useful for those who want to be seen by possible followers. Tumblrtrain is composed of various profile images that people submit in the hopes that visitors will elect to follow them. It’s simple to add your profile to the train.

When people visit they can scroll down blocks of profiles and if they like what they see they can next check out your Tumblr name. If they like what they see and read, they can click to follow it.

Daily Posts

Using your Tumblr account on a daily basis is important if you want to attract and keep new followers. Let’s face it if you’ve got an intriguing Tumblr page, then people will want more and more. Give them what they want and increase your followers and popularity on Tumblr.

Use the TumbleNinja Tumblr Marketing Tool

This Tumblr bot automates all of the repetitive grunt work for you. It allows you to exponentially multiply your reach, get more followers quickly, drive more traffic, and increase sales.

You can get a 2 hour free demo of TumbleNinja at this link.

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