Pinterest is an image-based site that allows you to set up various boards and pin images and videos to them. You may also use text with your pins, which will create even more interest in your pins. If you use the image sharing network properly, you can get followers quickly.

Here are 5 things that you can do to grab people’s attention and garner more followers in Pinterest.

Striking Boards and Images

With Pinterest, the first thing a new user does is to create various boards each of which they categorize. Members may use one of the general categories that is available on the site or they can create their own category. It’s important to use various boards and cross reference categories. Doing so will helps members connect with more people.

Once you’ve set up some boards you’ll need to populate them with photos or videos. You may repin an image on one of your boards to another. This is useful when you have various boards in different categories that are connected to one central theme.

As an example, if your Pinterest site is focused on flowers, you may create a board under the category “Hobbies” and then create other boards with names such as “Floral Arrangements,” “Roses,” “Gardening.” A picture that features red roses could be posted on many if not all of these boards.

SEO Text

Pinterest allows you to use quite a bit of text. If you SEO it properly, your pin will be found in an Internet search. If it makes sense to use text, don’t be shy in doing so. Offer users insights into the image or the topic.  Again, using flowers as a topic of interest, you may want to provide tips for growing roses, ideas regarding how to use them decoratively, or some insights into how roses are associated with some historical incident or famous person.

This can help engage those who like your pin and may turn them from being a casual observer of your boards to a follower.

Twitter and Facebook

Pinterest lets you automatically and instantly Tweet your new pins and it also allows you to post them on Facebook. Setting this up is easy, and you have the option of tweeting or not tweeting specific pins. You may also elect to either post or not post on Facebook.

The more you link quality images to other forms of social media, the more chances you have of finding followers.  You may also use Facebook and ask your friends to follow you on Pinterest.

Follow and Repost Others

Take time everyday to elect to follow those with similar or ancillary interests and to repost their pins if you like them. The more you engage those in the Pinterest community the more likely it is that others will start to notice your posts. In this way, you can create a solid network of followers.

Use It Daily

Don’t let your Pinterest account lie dormant. About 30 minutes a day can keep you active enough to capture the interest of others. Remember that at the same time you pins something you can use Twitter and Facebook to create even more interest.

If you’re automatically connected to these social media outlets, you can use them each time you create a new pin, and it only take seconds to do so.

Being Instantly Recognizable

If you engage in the above activities everyday, you’ll garner followers immediately and will see them multiply quickly. But you must be sure to develop quality boards that have captivating pins and SEO text that creates interest quickly. Make your Pinterest a place that people want to go to all the time.

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