For the average business, Instagram, which is an app for iPod, iTouch, iPhone and Android, is a useful tool that can help connect their products and services with customers or clients. Instagram users can share photos with others via the Instagram site and with those on social networks.

When used properly, Instagram can be an effective marketing tool that allows you to connect with and stay connected to a community that’s interested in your business. Once you set up your account and create your profile, you’re ready to start using this unique social networking system.

Here are some good ways to ensure you’ll get interested followers and increased traffic by using Instagram.

What’s Popular?

If you’re a business or marketer, search Instagram using hash tags and geotags that are appropriate to your business and geographic area to see what others are posting. Get to know what those in your field and those with similar interests are doing and how you might utilize some of their techniques while also developing new ones.

Ask yourself which types of Instagrams are effective and which don’t seem to work at all? Analyze the images, how they are classified, and see what other people think about them.

Quality Counts

An astute business owner is sure to see that with Instagram quality counts above quantity. You’re better off sharing one great image rather than three or four poor ones. Be selective in what you post and make sure the quality is very high. Stay away from photos that are simply designed to shock or provoke people.

Also, the point is to share information through pictures. As an example, if you’re a travel agent, posting beautiful images of destinations will catch people’s attention and make them want to connect with you. There’s no need to do a hard sell.

Hash Tags and Geotag

Use as many hash tags as are appropriate. Utilize hash tags that make sense so that when your Instagram image is found the person who looks at it is pleased with their search results. There’s nothing more annoying than performing a search only to find that a result is due to someone misidentifying an image.

Also be sure to use geotags, which tell someone where the photo was taken, as these will allow you to either connect with people in your geographic area and/or allow Instagram users to find photos of places in which they are interested.

Connect with Others

Like other social media sites, Instagram is about building communities of people with similar interests. When you search using different hash tags and geotags be sure to follow those with whom you’d like to connect. If you follow someone, there’s a good chance they will also follow you.

You can use the “Find Friends” tool to discover others you know who are using the site and the “Suggested Users” tool to connect with people who have similar interests.

Use Social Networks

Make sure you use other social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share your new posts and to cultivate followers on Instagram. Although each social network is an entity unto itself, those who cross link their sites tend to have the most success in cultivating followers.

Just a reminder to make your account public, too. If it’s private, no one will find you.

Power of Portable Photos

If you’re a busy business owner, the ability to post three to five quality images a day on Instagram can help you build your number of followers, keep you connected with those already following you and aid you in using other forms of social media effectively.

Use NinjaGram Marketing Software

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Instagram gives you the chance to get that fantastic photo on your site, as you simultaneously publish it on various social media sites and it makes its way across the Internet. It’s an effective and exciting tool that business owners and entrepreneurs need to utilize in cultivating their business or enterprise.

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