One of the most common questions we’re asked is “How do I create an authority profile on Pinterest?” This blog post will help you do just that and break it down into 5 simple steps. As you know, those that establish expert status are the ones that generate increased revenue.

Experts are also like celebrities, as they can command higher fees and become the center of influence of a large community. There is a science to positioning yourself and setting the stage on Pinterest.

Here are some tips you can use:

First, get a professional photographer to take a high-quality head-shot, preferable one where you’re smiling. This makes you seem more approachable. Pinterest is about quality images so you need to join the club.

Second, tell Pinterest users who you are and what you do. If you have a business, don’t be shy to mention it and how it serves others.  Also, any accomplishments or accolades are good here. You want to seem credible.

Third, relay what users will find on your pin-boards. Set expectations.

Next, include a link to your business site and Facebook fan page so other Pinterest users can learn more about you if they want.

The last thing you to do to create a profile that gives the perception of authority and influence is to get A LOT of followers, preferably sooner rather than later.

More Pinterest followers = more credibility

That’s just one of the areas where the NinjaPinner Pinterest bot can help you quickly. You MUST get a large audience of followers now before this site hits critical mass.

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