Here’s the carefully guarded secret to getting massive amounts of targeted website traffic from the social platform, Pinterest. You MUST get re-pins!

This is when another user clicks the “re-pin” button and pins your pin to one of their Pinterest boards.

Additionally, when someone re-pins your pin, it gets exposed to all of their followers, and then if one of their followers re-pin it, it gets exposed to their followers too.

In the meantime, the image maintains the original credit (you) and the original link. This shows the viral nature of Pinterest and how it can create almost INSTANT surges of website traffic and visitors.

What images get re-pinned the most?

Good question. Your best bet is to look at the “popular” section on Pinterest to get an idea. It will vary by industry and category.

Of course, stunning women, puppies, babies, and beautiful nature scenes usually do the trick. But, there are so many other types / styles of images that go viral.

In order to maximize the effectiveness, though, you must have an enormous following. The more followers you have, the more opportunity your images will have to be re-pinned.

Make sense?

You can either add followers manually or you can use the NinjaPinner Pinterest mass follower to automate the entire process. Not only that, you can automate leaving comments, liking pins, re-pinning, and much more. It saves you time, energy and effort.

To grab your free demo of the Pinterest bot so many are raving about, just place your name and email into the form you see on the right of this page.

Get followers, get re-pins, get paid!


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