One of the most common questions we get asked by NinjaPinner customers is “How many Pinterest users can I safely follow each day?”

Pinterest does not make any official figures available, but many users are able to reach a thousand or more per day. However there have also been reports of users being blocked after just 300. To be safe, a middle ground of 500 should be fine but you can adjust that to see what works for you.

Remember, lower will always be safer!

Also, when you use NinjaPinner, make sure to set the TIME-DELAY feature! This is very important and why we included it on our Pinterest marketing software. The beauty is, you can choose which function you want to use and “set-it and forget-it.”

If you don’t set this, you’ll start to run into CAPTCHA codes faster, which will slow down your social marketing efforts.

By the way, if you’re one of the few that haven’t done so, grab your copy of NinjaPinner now and start to quickly build your network. Just enter your name and email into the form you see on the right of this page.

Your website traffic, sales, and bank account will be happy you did!


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