One of the most commonly asked questions from Instagram users is “How many likes can I give on Instagram?” Before we get into that, though. Let’s discuss why you’d want to “like” your friends or other users images.

The primary reason it’s a good idea to like others images is because it actually tells people you’re paying attention to them. What a concept, right?

Look, no one wants to feel ignored on Instagram. When you post an image, you want your friends to like it and show some love. It makes you feel good… you know, like we matter.

The worst thing people do on social media is post, update, or talk and never reciprocate.

You know those people… and probably don’t think highly of them.

You should be liking images daily from friends or others related in your industry. This shows others you care about what they post and keeps your name in front of them 24 / 7.

So, how many “likes” does Instagram allow you to give? In other words, what’s the Instagram like limit? Well, we’ve found the limits changed recently to be 80 / hour, but it really depends on many factors such as the age of your account and especially your recent activity. Many users who have a lot of activity on their accounts are blocked at numbers as low as 30 / hour.

While it may be overkill, if you’re using our NinjaGram Instagram bot, we suggest a time delay of at least 1 minute and therefore a relatively low hourly rate to keep your account safe.

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