Pay close attention because this is HUGE! Did you know that you can rank your Pinterest pinboards AND images #1 on Google search? Here’s how you do it. Let’s say you live in Napa Valley California. You know that they call it “wine country” because the area is so fertile and has a lot of vineyards.

You could create a pinboard that is titled “Napa Valley Wineries.” If you post new related images and videos to that pinboard, it gains traction.

The more content you add to that pinboard as well as the more people that LIKE and REPIN your content, the higher the board will rank on Google!

It’s really that simple!

We’ve tested this in hundreds of markets, local and national. It works the same every time.

Now, let’s say you want to try and rank an individual image you posted to Pinterest. What you must realize is when you place an image on Pinterest, your caption acts like the “anchor text.”

When that image gets a lot of traction on Pinterest, a lot of re-pins, that caption that is serving as anchor text can help you rank higher for that key phrase in Google.

You must use your targeted keywords in your image caption.

Got it?

So, going back to the “Napa Valley Wineries” example. That keyword phrase would need to be found in the Pinterest image caption section.

It has to make sense, too. Don’t just stuff keywords in there. That could get you slapped later on.

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