With Instagram being the MOST popular “mobile” photo-sharing website in the world, many marketers are trying to figure out how to capitalize on the traffic and exposure it brings. This article will help you greatly in this regard.

So, how do you get more Instagram followers quickly?

1. Let your existing fans on other social networks know

If you’re in Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, send a status update to friends about your new Instagram profile and ask them to follow you. You could even place an icon on your website or a signature block in your email.

You might need to describe to your followers what Instagram is first.

2. Engage

When you post a photo, don’t just leave it alone. As comments come pouring in, post follow-up comments in that same thread. Actually show you’re listening and care what your followers have to say.

3. Have plan for marketing your content

Make sure you’re posting photos periodically throughout the day. 3-4 times is good, but space them out. Also, make sure to avoid posting all similar photos. Your audience will consist of different personality types so you want to post content that appeals to each.

4. Make use of relevant Hashtags

Once you’ve joined Instagram, search hashtags that are relevant to your business (like as #puppies, #health, #cars) and engage with users. You can follow these users, comment on their photos, or like them.

5. Run a compelling contest

This can take your fan engagement to the master level. Be strategic and well thought-out.

You can even create a hashtag that hasn’t been used to track the participants. Do a search on Instagram for the hashtag first to make sure it is not being used.

Cross-promote the contest with your established social media channels, too.

6. Partner with popular Instagram users

Hire or partner with a popular Instagram user to cover an event or guest-photograph on your account. This gets your account exposed to new circles.

7. Use our NinjaGram software for Instagram marketing

The Instagram platform is great to share photos but not-so-great if you’re trying to grow your followers. NinjaGram solves this issue permanently. It saves you boatloads of time, while enabling you to be resourceful.

Some of the features include:

– Gathering usernames/photos (keyword search, tag search, user’s followers, etc)
– Auto following
– Auto unfollowing (and you can exclude users you followed less than X days ago)
– Auto like
– Auto comment (from a list of comments)

Visit this link to grab your free software demo and see what so many online marketers are raving about.

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