Here’s part two of our last viral blog post titled, How to Get Dramatic Surges of Pinterest Followers and Re-pins. If you missed the first part, visit this link to read. Below, you’ll find 11 more strategic ways to build your brand and fame on the hottest virtual pinboard social network on the planet!

Fuse Your Existing Social Networks

One of the fastest and easiest ways to get more Pinterest followers is by tying your account to your existing Facebook and Twitter profiles. Doing so (and setting up your permissions correctly) means that every new item you pin will be displayed to your followers on these networks. Since you already have established connections with subscribers on these sites, you’ll find that many of them elect to follow your Pinterest profile naturally.

Make it Easy to Pin Your Content

Integrating Pinterest buttons into your blog posts, product pages and other areas of your site can help boost the number of times your content is pinned and lead to new followers for your profile. Because Pinterest is still relatively new, simply having these buttons in place provides a visual reminder for people to subscribe to your profile and engage with your content on this new site.

Pin Regularly

As with any social media site, determining how often to pin new content involves finding the ideal balance between posting so little that there’s no value in following your profile and posting so often that people get annoyed with your constant updates. For best results, see the task list at the end of this manual.

Name your Pin-boards Accordingly

Giving each board on your Pinterest profile a fun and unique, but understandable, name is a crucial part of attracting new followers. Since many subscribers elect to only follow the boards that are most relevant to them, it’s important that your board names make it immediately apparent what each of your boards are about. Also, use researched keywords in the board titles.

Curate Your Own Pins

If you only ever re-pin content from others, you aren’t bringing anything new to the table, which gives Pinterest users even less of an incentive to follow you. Instead, create your own new pins based on content you find on other social networking sites or from resources you’re familiar with that haven’t yet been featured extensively on Pinterest.

Follow Other Pinners

On Pinterest (just like on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+), following other users (especially power users with thousands and thousands of unique subscribers) is a great way to get your content noticed and spread across a much larger network of people.

To find other pinners to follow, search for a few of your industry’s general keyword phrases on Pinterest and take note of the users that appear to publish the most content and have the most followers. Follow these users yourself and re-pin some of their content – many will return the favor by following you back and sharing your pins with their networks!

Set-up a Pin Exchange

While it’s considered inappropriate to pin your own content too frequently, you can always team up with other site owners, friends or retailers in your industry to organize a “pin exchange” that allows more of your content to be seeded on to Pinterest without your direct involvement.

Greatly Expand Your Pin-boards

It should go without saying, but when you offer plenty of different boards across a wide variety of interests and topics, you’re creating more opportunities for people to follow you. While it’s a good idea to create boards that are relevant to your website or business, consider creating boards on your personal hobbies and activities as well to reach a larger group of people.

Pin “Breaking News” Type Content

As mentioned previously, if you want to build your number of Pinterest followers, it’s important that you be seen as a “thought leader” in your industry – not just someone who re-pins content from other people. To increase this perception, try to be the first to create pins for news items within your industry.

You could even create boards to feature new products / services that are released locally or in your industry, making you the “go to” pinner serving your field.

Write Keyword-rich Pins for Images Captions

One of the ways that people find new Pinterest users to follow is by searching the site for interesting key words or phrases in order to uncover new pinned content. If your pins don’t appear in these searches, you’re losing potential followers that could have subscribed to your boards. For this reason, it’s important to integrate relevant keywords into your pin captions.

Don’t simply stuff your pins full of meaningless keywords, but at the same time, don’t use basic captions like, “So funny!” that don’t give Pinterest users or the site’s search engine any information about what’s going on in your pins.

Make Sure the Pictures You Pin are of Great Quality

Because Pinterest is such a visually-focused site, the quality of the images you use in your pins will go a long way towards attracting new followers. If the Pinterest bookmarklet doesn’t automatically capture an attractive image (or, if there are no good images used on the source content page in the first place), manually create the pin on your own using a high quality, visually appealing picture from iStock.

Use a Pinterest bot like NinjaPinner to accelerate much of the process above so you can build your audience and influence much faster.


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