Marketers and business owners can use Pinterest to their advantage. Pinterest is a hot social media site where the image is king. Both photos and videos can be posted on your Pinterest site, which is composed of themed boards.

Once you create your account you can set up your Pinterest boards by either using themes provided by the site or creating your own, and you can start your pinning of photos and videos.

But, before you begin naming your boards and posting your collection of photos, you should consider the following.

See What Other Are Doing

As a business person, take some time to investigate Pinterest and see what others in your field and in associated areas are pinning, including the types of photos they are using, captions and to what site their pins are linked.

Start following those who you would like to follow you. Comment favorably on their pins, repin their pins on your site and keep expanding your connections.

Create a Few Boards at First

It’s better to create two boards and in the first week fill them with 14 to 20 exciting pins rather than create eight boards populated with three or four photos each. If you have a YouTube channel or videos on your website, create a video board and post them.

Pin Often from Your Website

Take images from your website and YouTube channel as this will get people to connect directly with you. You can post from other sites if it makes sense. As an example, if you have an article or blog on a guest site that then links to your site, then pinning an image from that website makes sense.

Add SEO Captions

As a business owner, it’s especially effective to add captions to your pins. Many people do not do this and by simply posting an image they are missing a golden opportunity, as interesting copy can help you connect with a potential client or customer.

Additionally, the copy in captions on Pinterest if done properly can be found by search engines.

The great thing about Pinterest is the site gives you plenty of room for copy. You should always use it. Also, make sure you use ‘Alt Text” when first posting your image on your website. This “Alt Text,” if it is SEO, will help your photo get found during an image search.

Use Other Social Media Sites

When you post a pin, you’ll be able to Tweet it and also post it on Facebook. You don’t want to do this for every pin you post but if you do pin each day then Tweeting one or two and posting one on Facebook per day is a good idea.

As a business owner, you’ll find that social media sites when cross linked can be a powerful force in helping you connect with potential clients and customers.

Create Your Image Everyday

Utilize Pinterest three to five times a day and try to connect with four to six new members a day and you’ll see interest in your boards and business grow.

Use the NinjaPinner Traffic Software

The NinjaPinner pinterest bot can help automate practically all of the repetitive tasks for you. It allows you to exponentially multiply your reach, get more followers, drive 3-4x more traffic, and boost sales.

Grab your 2 hour free demo of NinjaPinner at this link.

Pinterest is an effective marketing tool that you can use each day to increase traffic to your website and cultivate new customers.

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