If you have not used Instagram to get more followers, you need to do so. Instagram is an easy way to share photos across social networks. Designed to be used with the iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch, and Android, you can share your photos with the online photo-sharing community and gain new followers.

Quality Counts

Interesting images that are selectively chosen, cropped, and filtered using Instagram tools can make all the difference in someone deciding whether or not they will follow you. Carefully craft your profile page so that it is attractive. Use only the best photos and then hashtag and geotag your photos, as this will help people find and connect with them and you.

If you incorporate popular hashtags, then chances are more people will see your images. Using a geotag will tell users where the photo was taken. This works well in getting people’s attention when the geotag is a popular place.

Follow Others

Search Instagram for those who have similar interests and follow them. Follow new people everyday. There’s no guarantee they will follow you but if you have a strikingly interesting page, they may just do that. Once again, make sure you opt for quality in following people. Embrace quality images in every way as this will serve to benefit you.

Get Inspired!

One of the first things anyone using Instagram needs to do is become acquainted with the site. The best way to do this is to search out those who are in the same field of interest as you and see what they have posted. If their images are popular, try to determine what qualities have contributed to their popularity.

Don’t copy what others do. Instead, after defining what makes their Instagram pages and photos so wonderful, utilize those same characteristics and qualities in yours, while at the same time looking for a different angle or slant.

Social Media

Set up social media accounts on Flickr, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare and post your Instagrams on them. It is very important that you do this as users on these sites can turn into followers. Be sure to utilize the easy-to-use tools on Instagram to connect with your other social media accounts. Also, if you have a website, connect it to your Instagram page. Finally, make sure people can access your Instagram by electing to make it public, It is private by default and you must change this setting in order to connect with those who are using the Internet.

Quality and Linking will Work

When it comes down to it if you embrace quality and work towards linking with others you will get followers on Instagram. The Internet is image-based and when you can exploit the power of photos, you’re well your way to getting noticed. Pay attention to detail, take time to create an attractive Instagram page, and then use as many tools as you can to follow others and to get your images in front of possible followers. It will pay off.

Use an Instagram Bot for Marketing

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