Getting dramatically more Pinterest followers and re-pins is really about being active and engaging. Since there are many ways to do this, I’m breaking this blog post up into two parts. This is part one. Here are 7 ways to grow your follower count quickly by leaps and bounds:

Follow other users you find interesting

If you see someone pin something that you find interesting then start following them – or the board they pinned to. You can follow individual boards rather than entire accounts so you can avoid unnecessary and irrelevant Pins.

That means if you follow someone – or someone’s Board, they get that email notification. A high proportion of people will follow you back. Or they’ll click through to your profile where they could re-pin some of your pins.

You can also use the Pinterest search to find and follow others in your local community by searching the city, zip-code, etc… Look for images you can re-pin from local users.

Add a “Follow Us On Pinterest” button to your Website or Blog

You can find these buttons on the Pinterest Goodies page previously mentioned at Add them to your blog sidebar to get a few extra followers each day. As Pinterest becomes more and more popular this button will become more effective.

Re-pin Other People’s Pins

When you re-pin someone’s pin, they get an email notification. The chances are, they will click on your name which will take them to your profile where they could start following you, browse through your boards and click through to your site, or Re-pin some of your Pins.

“Like” Pins from Other People

If you want to show your appreciation for a Pin, but you don’t have a relevant board to re-pin it to, you can LIKE a pin. When you do, the original pinner will get a notification. Again, they may click through to your profile where they start following you or re-pin some of your stuff.

Be Sure to Comment on people’s Pins

This is a very effective way to build a following. If you see a pin where you can add an intelligent comment, then do so. It’s a much more personal way to start building relationships on Pinterest.

Get your Pins Re-pinned by Other Users

The best way to increase your exposure and your following is to get your original Pins repined far and wide.
When someone re-pins one of your Pins it goes out to their followers, but it includes clickable links back to your profile and the board you originally Pinned it to.

The more Re-pins you get, the more exposure your profile and board will get and the more followers you’ll attract. Therefore Pinning really high quality images is the key to getting more followers, more re-pins and therefore more traffic.

Use the NinjaPinner Pinterest Traffic Bot

There’s no faster way to create an avalanche of targeted traffic than with the viral Pinterest bot, NinjaPinner! The program can work for you while you sleep, getting you thousands of followers in no time. It also automates the commenting, liking, and re-pinning process.

Put your name and email in the form you see on the right of this page to grab your FREE DEMO of the bot so many are raving about!

Read part II of this powerful blog post at this link.


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